Stardrop Lands on Kickstarter
Stardrop Lands on Kickstarter
Developers Team V/Joure Visser would like your backing of their open world-based sci-fi exploration adventure; a demo is available
Posted: 12/19/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Team V/Joure Visser | Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

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In Stardrop, you'll become a salvage and rescue operative in a rich and intimate story full of mystery and excitement that breaks from the usual dark sci-fi. The game was born from a desire to create a positive narrative-driven single-player experience.

You play as Aryn Vance, who -- accompanied by her close friend John Kindley, pilot of their ship the MCCV-2 -- salvage old derelict spacecrafts lost in time or assist ships in need of help. On a routine salvage mission, the two encounter a mystery that leads to an amazing discovery.

Inspired by story-rich classics such as Portal, Firewatch and even Alien: Isolation, Stardrop will feature a broad range of immersive puzzles and a number of side-missions. The game is also family-friendly.

Team V/Joure Visser are looking to raise $12,000 on Kickstarter by January 11, 2017. If you like what you see, please consider giving Stardrop your backing.

The plan is to release the game on Windows, Mac and Linux in October 2017.

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