Moloch Media Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for Mars Underground
Moloch Media Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for Mars Underground
Get stuck in a time loop in this apocalyptic adventure coming in 2017; demo available
Posted: 11/19/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Moloch Media | Publisher: Moloch Media | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, Ios, Android

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Download or play the demo here, here or here 

Here we have a game with pixelart graphics inspired by LucasArts adventures, 16-bit SNES RPGs and movies such as Groundhog Day and Donnie Darko.

Mars is the game's protagonist. That's you.

It's your first day at school. In fact, every day is your first day at school. And every night the world ends. It's almost as tedious as real life!

The player attempts to solve the brain damaging mysteries and uncover multiple potential endings as they explore the possibilities of this time loop.

Take experimental prescription drugs. Talk to a toilet. Get hit by a car. Humiliate yourself repeatedly.

All in the name of figuring out what on earth is going on.

Mars Underground mixes classic adventure game conventions with sandbox-style gameplay. As players discover new topics and acquire new items the world opens up. They can try new things each day. The game features easy-to-grasp gameplay that can be played with either mouse, keyboard, controller or touch input.

Mars Underground is to be released in late 2017 for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

A Kickstarter campaign with a base goal of $2306 has been launched for the game that will run until December 31, 2016. Please consider giving it your backing.

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