Kickstarter Campaign Launched for A Little Less Desperation
Kickstarter Campaign Launched for A Little Less Desperation
Deaf Bird Entertainment and Marian Cerman ask for your backing for their comedic, episodic, sci-fi point-and-click adventure about a hapless organic vegetable farmer; a playable demo is available
Posted: 11/08/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Deaf Bird Entertainment / Marian Cerman | Platform: Mac, Windows

A Little Less Desperation Preview by Bailey James - June 13, 2016
Visit the Kickstarter page (includes links to Windows and Mac demos)

Meet Jacob, a farmer, who is wandering alone in the woods. Watch as Jacob sees a UFO crash. One thing leads to another, and Jacob ends up bumbling his way into an epic journey across the galaxy.

Our idea was to create a science fiction story about the heroic rescue of our galaxy, and leave out the hero...The result is "a completely off-its-rockers science-fiction comedy adventure!...But don't worry, in the end Jacob won't screw up as badly as you (and also we) might expect him to!

A Little Less Desperation will feature full HD resolution, 5-7 hours of (episodic) gameplay, 20+ characters, classic point-and-click navigation, a great soundtrack and English/German voiceovers. It will be released on Windows and Mac (and possibly Android and iOS) at a date TBD.

The game has been Greenlit, and a Kickstarter campaign with a base goal of $9937 USD will be in progress until December 2, 2016. Your backing would be greatly appreciated.


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