NAIRI, a Point-and-Click Adventure, Has Been Kickstarted and Greenlit
NAIRI, a Point-and-Click Adventure, Has Been Kickstarted and Greenlit
Stretch goals have been revealed by developer HomeBearStudio
Posted: 10/27/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: HomeBearStudio | Platform: Windows

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NAIRI is a cute point-and-click adventure that draws inspiration from such titles as The Last Airbender, Toy Story and Spirited Away. It's family-friendly while presenting a subtly compelling narrative and engaging puzzles. The light tone of the story is juxtaposed with a strong focus on character development and a darker overarching theme.

Nairi is also the name of the player-character. She's an abandoned upper-class girl who joins forces with Rex, a criminal turned scholar, to uncover a dark mystery in the exotic oasis city of Shirin.

NAIRI is appropriate for any age, sex and skill level. It features charming characters, unique visuals and a catchy soundtrack. It's sure to please anyone seeking a strong narrative and puzzle experience presented in a classic point-and-click format.

Joshua van Kuilenburg, project lead, HomeBearStudio: With NAIRI now funded and Greenlit on Steam, we'd like to start sharing what we have planned for stretch goals. By reaching these, it would allow us to further immerse players into a living and breathing world and really enrichen the exotic city of Shirin.

It's estimated that the game will be released in March 2017 for Windows. If you'd like to support NAIRI's stretch goals, please visit the Kickstarter page.


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