Stable Orbit is Heading to a Planetary System Near You
Stable Orbit is Heading to a Planetary System Near You
This realistic Space Station Sim is the first game from Codalyn's Jim Offerman (lead PC programmer: Deux Ex: Human Revolution, Tomb Raider); Green Man Gaming will assist with publishing
Posted: 08/01/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Codalyn | Publisher: Green Man Gaming | Platform: Windows

It's the year 2034, the ISS has been deorbited for five years and space programs around the globe have not been successful. A decision is made to form an All Nations Space Coalition in order to establish humankind's permanent presence in space.

And the head of the whole shebang will be little old you. As Station Commander, you'll be charged with buidling a brand new, realistic, fully functional space station. To do so, you must master the hostile environment of space, unlock over 40 space station modules and manage a number of interdependent resources.

Codalyn developer Jim Offerman: I’m making Stable Orbit because I'm a huge fan of realistic science fiction, and I’ve always wanted to do something within that space. It’s the first game idea I've had in a very long time where I’m confident that I can build on my own without requiring an army of other developers. As I began researching how real space stations were built and operated, I just got more and more into it!

Paul Sulyok, Founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming: We’re delighted to be working with Codalyn and Jim on this deep and challenging space station simulator game, which we think will give players a realistic feel of what it’s like to build and maintain a space station. Stable Orbit will also help to educate players about the wonders and challenges of space exploration. We look forward to launching this beautifully crafted PC game in early access later this year.

Stable Orbit will be appearing on Steam Early Access in October 2016 for Windows.

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