Paranoid Days Becomes Rational Enough to Land on Indiegogo
Paranoid Days Becomes Rational Enough to Land on Indiegogo
Developer Finknoise is looking to raise $8,000 for its open-world point-and-click adventure
Posted: 07/22/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Finknoise | Platform: Windows, Linux

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In Paranoid Days, you'll point-and-click your way around in an open world. Gameplay will be non-linear with real-time events.

You are Jack. You repair service bots. The year is 2054.

One fine day, a bot without an OS springs to life. How did that happen?

With Paranoid Days, indie developer Finknoise seeks to "create a next-gen point-and-click experience." The game will be about freedom, exploration, choices and consequences.

Jack is aware he exists. He'll frequently comment on what you're doing and suggest where you should go next. However, he'll do whatever you want, even if it puts him at risk.

Paranoid Days will be released on PC/Windows and Linux in Q2 2016. Finknoise is looking to raise $8,000 on Indiegogo within the next 26 days.

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