Nowhere: Lost Memories Finds a Teaser Trailer
Nowhere: Lost Memories Finds a Teaser Trailer
DarkPath Studio is bringing this mystery adventure to iOS and Ouya
Posted: 06/09/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: DarkPath Studio | Platform: Ouya console, Ios

Nowhere: Lost Memories is an immersive first-person exploration adventure from one-man indie developer DarkPath Studio. Take on the role of a mysterious character who wakes up alone, lost and trapped in the middle of nowhere. 

You have a feeling something terrible has happened here. You'll have to delve into this strange place, explore each area and solve different enigmas in order to discover the nature of the darkness that hides behind this place.

Here are a couple more videos for your viewing pleasure:

Nowhere: Lost Memories is to be released on iOS and Ouya at a date TBD.

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