Dead Synchronicity Walkthrough
Dead Synchronicity Walkthrough
Comprehensive walkthrough for Dead Synchronicity - Tomorrow Comes Today.
Posted: 05/29/15 | Category: Features | Developer: Fictiorama Studios | Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac
·       Len Green { }        13th  May  2015
          {A}   This walkthrough describes ONLY ALL the actions which you MUST take in order to complete the game, together with just a very few which are helpful although not absolutely essential.
            However, please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to.  Nearly all aspects which are not absolutely imperative have been omitted. Very many of these are extremely interesting and provide most of the background story to the game, and particularly to the fascinating (and artistic) characters, and scenery etc.
          {B}   Warning:-  The main purpose of this game is to examine items, interview people, view the interesting sights and sounds and backgrounds, etc.
If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand (or consult all the built in hints) and follow exactly what to do and not to do, you can probably finish the game quite quickly. However that would completely defeat its whole purpose!{
{C}   The walkthrough does not do justice to the horror of the situation depicted in the game or the harrowing fate of the participants!  It can help you to overcome possible stucknesses &/or help you to know where to go next if you cannot progress but it CANNOT depict the misery and terror of the 'new world'!!
          {D}   Upon entering EVERY new location, it is highly advisable to browse around as much as possible in order to explore the general layout and in so doing examine fully EVERY one of the many hotspots.  However, the walkthrough NEVER  tells you explicitly to do this! To (GREATLY) help in this procedure, pressing the space-bar reveals ALL of the hotspots on your game screen overlaying your screen location view!  The hotspots themselves are exhibited with labeled captions (names).
          {E}   You should most certainly NOT HAVE TO  follow the identical order of accessing locations or hotspots etc. as outlined in this walkthrough since the game is not linear. There are several permutations of routes, and it is highly unlikely that 2 players will follow exactly the same itinerary etc. from beginning to end. In addition it is most likely that this walkthrough does not necessarily describe the best or even the most efficient route to play the game (and finish it completely)!
          Some locations of course will not be 'created' until you have completed certain previous tasks.  The same applies to certain gameplay actions. And so a particular order is sometimes obligatory.
          {F}  The game is third person and mouse driven point & click. There are full (and excellent) subtitles.
          { G}   As in most Quest-Adventure games, it is easy to make a 'wrong' or redundant move! So it is HIGHLY advisable to save FREQUENTLY. There are an unlimited number of save-slots.
          {H}  EVERY TIME you obtain a new item, it will appear in your inventory. You should observe and if necessary examine each new inventory item immediately it appears in your game-inventory..
N.B.  It is imperative to view, and sometimes to 'manipulate', some of the inventory. In addition, some inventory items will combine with others there to create new objects.
{I }  In the text, all objects which are acquired and entered into the inventory are written in bold, underlined, and yellow.
All objects which are used from the inventory are written in... bold italicized, underlined, and blue.
{J }  Throughout the game there is a periodic interruption - a sort of disintegration of the scene and its recombination. It is presumably included in the game to stress the horror and despair of the "New World".  Each such interruption only lasts for about 20 seconds, but they occur VERY FREQUENTLY and hence can be VERY annoying in that they tend to spoil the unfolding narrative and gameplay
However, if desired, they can very easily be skipped by pressing the escape button whenever they start!!
The  actual  WALKTHROUGH  starts  here!
Act 1 - A Camp Full of Rats
Room in Trailer1st visit
*****  It's pitch dark!  Light the oil lamp.
***** Talk to Rod Atkinson and exhaust ALL dialogues.
*****  Open the oven and examine its contents.
*****  Pick up the Pot Lid.
*****  Pick up the Notebook.
***** In inventory read the Notebook .
Trailer Yard1st visit
*****  Look through the window of the trailer and view Rod, his wife, and son Colin, and a cookie box.
*****  Access the shopping cart - and get VERY forcibly warned not to even touch it.
*****  Whilst wandering around without shoes on you get a nasty cut on your foot from a rusty nail. You need to treat that ASAP!
***** Talk to the homeless man and exhaust ALL dialogues (He is the owner of the shopping cart and its contents!).
*****  Look at the open bin full of burning garbage - a thick pall of smoke rises vertically from it. 
*****  From inventory, place the pot lid on top of the bin...  it fits almost completely and causes the smoke to blow sideways out of a bullet hole towards the homeless man - it temporarily more of less chokes and incapacitates him.
*****  QUUICKLY seize the opportunity and examine the contents of his shopping cart and steal a Credit Card.
Room in Trailer2nd visit
*****  Open the cupboard.  You can't - it's locked.
*****  From inventory, use the Credit Card to open the cupboard.
*****  Take the Bottle of Whiskey.
    *****  Take the Pillowcase.   
*****  From inventory, use the Pillowcase on the very sharp broken spring protruding from the bottom of the bed - this makes some Bandages.
*****  Pour some Whiskey (from inventory) onto the bandages in the hope that the alcohol will disinfect the foot wound.
*****  Take the soaked Bandagers from inventory and wrap them around the wound and put on (the wearable but dirty) shoes.
*****  The homeless man screams blue murder from outside about the smoke and pot lid and angrily throws the lid away.
*****  The connecting door opens as Rod and his wife anxiously want to know what's going on outside!
Rod's Room in Trailer1st visit
*****  Enter the (now opened) connecting door.
*****  In panic, Rod screams at Michael to get out. 
*****  Michael is shocked and bewildered and does not understand but gets out of Rod's room nevertheless.
Room in Trailer3rd visit
*****  Rod follows Michael into 'his' room.
*****  He apologizes for losing his outburst.
*****  Rod explains at length what the problem is and why he lost his cool.
*****  Talk with Rod and exhaust ALL dialogues.
*****  Rod strikes a bargain with Michael:-
He requests Michael to undertake the very difficult and perilous task of getting out of the "Refugee Camp" and obtaining a specific drug which may hopefully cure his son Colin (who has become one of the "dissolved" ill people).
Amnesiac Michael is a Blank-Head. In return for his help, Don will use his contacts in the city  to fill Michael in on his past and thereby return him to some sort of normality!
"A man without a past is just a shadow - GIVE US OUR FUTURE (i.e. Colin) MICHAEL AND I WILL GIVE
*****  Michael, hesitantly, agrees.
*****  Go to the door to exit ...................
*****  Michael writes down his present status in his Notebook .
*****  He leaves the trailer.
Outside the Trailer1st visit
*****  Walk forward (i.e. bottom of screen).
*****  Suss out the area.
*****  Go to the Camp Centre which is on the main path from the Refugee Camp to the City.
*****  Continue forwards (i.e. middle of screen).
*****  Suss out this area - it is the barbed wire perimeter of the refugee camp.  It has an exit with heavily armed trigger-happy guards covering a barrier.
*****  Talk to the guards and exhaust ALL dialogues.  They are highly aggressive and abusive,
*****  Examine the motorbike and its saddlebag.
*****  Turn round - you are still at the Camp Centre to the city but now facing back towards the 'refugee camp'.
*****  Walk east (i.e. towards the right edge of the screen).
 Rose1st visit
*****  Meet a young lady in a white dress.  Her name is Rose and she speaks with a childish voice and behaves rather strangely.
*****Talk to Rose and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  She calls Michael "Sleepy Head" and says she has secrets concerning him.
*****  Two thugs order Rose into the van.
*****  Michael wants to follow her and talk to her and learn a secret about himself.
*****  The thugs will only let him into the van if he pays them,  They are pimps and don't care what he does in there so long as they get paid!
*****  Michael has got no money.
*****  Talk to the two goons - NO  USE!!
*****  After looking around the area, he leaves unhappily!
Solitary Inhabitant1st visit
*****  Return to the Camp Centre to the
*****  From there, walk west (i.e. towards the left edge of the screen).
*****Talk to the solitary inhabitant and exhaust all dialogues.
"Hunter"1st visit
*****  Enter the Brick Building.
*****  Talk to the bartender and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  From the bar ('table') take the Empty Beer Cans.   
*****  It's a black-market headquarters run and completely controlled by "The Hunter" (His previous name was Hank - but you must not use it!!).
*****  You can buy ANYTHING there , or barter items.
*****Talk to Hunter and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  Exit the building  and the location and return to the Camp Centre.
Woman Smoker1st visit
*****  Approach the barbed wire fence, turn left, and walk left SLOWLY (to the west).
*****  Talk to Misha, the Smoking Woman, and exhaust ALL dialogues.
*****  She is the wife of the 'Mole' who was shot (and is mortally wounded).  She is highly antagonistic towards Michael who she repeatedly calls a "Rat".
*****  Michael promises to bring her morphine from the City when he gets the drug if she gives him her husband's pass...  He needs the pass which grants the bearer many privileges including permission to leave the Camp and visit the City!
*****  The woman does not trust Michael.
*****  She needs food for her children so Michael says he will get her food in exchange for her husband's pass.(Which he has since he is/was a 'Mole').
*****  Examine the overturned  drawer on the floor in the middle of the room.
*****  Notice that sticking out from under it is a pack of cigarettes.
*****  Take the cigarettes.  You can't - Misha is angry and won't let you touch them!  
*****  If you need those cigarettes you'll have to get Mish out of the way for a short time!
*****  Exit through the door on the left .
Misha's children1st visit
*****  Watch the very badly wounded Mole's 2 children throwing rocks at a primitive target which is a painted pallet.
*****  Talk to the children and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  They would like a better target for their target practice.
*****  From inventory use the empty beer canson the painted pallet and thus create a new target.
*****  Talk to the children again and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  Persuade them to get their mother (Misha) out of their house for a few minutes so that Michael can do something there.
*****  Michal returns to Misha + Mole's house.
Woman Smoker2nd visit
*****  Grab the Pack of Cigarettes.
*****  Leave the house and return to Hunter's Headquarters.
"Hunter"2nd visit
*****  Barter with the bartender... Exchange your whiskeyand the cigarettesfor a Food Package.   
*****  Leave Hunter's HQ and return to Misha's house.
Woman Smoker3rd visit
*****  Give Misha the Food Package and she reluctantly gives Michael the Pass which is in the form of a special Bracelet.
*****  Leave Misha's house and go to the guards at the barrier.
Barrier1st visit
*****  At the barrier show the Bracelet to the guards who very reluctantly let Michael leave the Refugee Camp and approach the City!
*****  You pass the barrier and enter the main road to the City.
Act 2 - Doomsday City
City's Main Roads1st visit
*****  You enter the very run-down City.
*****  Look at the wall with posters to the left of the old man.
*****  Peel off and take one Poster.
*****  Examine the poster in inventory.  There is something TERRIBLY familiar about it and the caption "Tomorrow comes today"!!
*****  Talk to the trio of City dwellers huddled around the brazier for heat - Exhaust all topics of discussion.
*****  Talk to the very old man and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  Try unsuccessfully to help the old man - Borrow bolt cutters from him and try to cut the chain and padlock.
*****  No go!  Hand the bolt cutters back to him.
*****  Walk to the right and enter the ruins of a church.
Ruined Church1st visit
*****  Listen to the eloquent preacher (Isn't it Reverend Blake?).
*****  Pick up the colourful Glass Shards.
*****  Enter the door (at the middle of your screen).
*****  Walk to the right again towards the City Centre.
City Centre1st visit
*****  You have reached the centre of the City.
*****  In the middle of this location is the Clinic (Medical Centre).
*****  It is guarded like a precious fortress and no stranger (including Michael of course) is allowed in!
*****  Why should a mere Clinic be guarded so overwhelmingly - something VERY important
and secret must be going on there??!!
*****  Michael tries to enter the main door - he is turned away in a decisively belligerent manner!
*****  Look at the stump of the enormous centenarian tree stump.
*****  Near to it is a Park - but the heavy gates are solidly locked!  No getting in that way!
*****  Notice that on the other side of the closed gate is what was once presumably a lovely stone fountain.  It now contains some decomposing dead goldfish and the smell is horrible!
*****  Also nearby take the Plank with message.
*****  In inventory, remove some Rusty Nails  from the Plank with message.
*****  Close by is a patch of damp ground - very near to the park gates.
*****  Michael manages to scoop out a small hole in the damp ground with his hands only - and only a shallow hole.
*****  Return to the ruined church.
Ruined Church2nd visit
*****  Push the large sculpture at the right.
*****  It is unstable and wobbles dangerously when you push it.
*****  Push the Plank with message beneath the pedestal of the wobbly sculpture.
*****  Pull the lever just below the statue.
*****  Strange things happen, causing (amongst other phenomena)...The pastor to rant and rave; A large cross to materialize; a thick jagged piece of glass to appear; (And the glass shards to disappear from inventory).
*****  Take the Thick Jagged Piece of Glass.
*****  Leave the church and return to the City Centre.
City Centre2nd visit
***** Go to the small hole you dug very close to the park gates.
*****  Use theThick Jagged Piece of Glass to enlarge the hole making a tunnel under the gates.
*****  Wriggle your way through the tunnel under the gate and enter the ghoulish park.
Suicide Park 1st visit
*****  HORRIBLE!!  Hundreds of corpses of suicide city dwellers hang from the branches of trees.
*****  Wander around the ghastly location and reluctantly examine.
*****  Grab a hefty useful  Crowbar from the ground.
*****  And also a sturdy Rope.
*****  You cannot proceed to the right since it is full of closely planted trees and impenetrable thorny bushes.
*****  So return to the left.
Trailer Yard2nd visit
*****  Go ALL the way back to the trailer yard (almost to the beginning of the game!).
*****  From inventory force open the door of the abandoned car using the crowbar.
*****  Take the Seat Cover and Elastic Band from the driver's seat.
*****  Return once again to the main entrance to the city.
City's Main Roads2nd visit
*****  Again try to help the old man.
*****  In order to make as little noise as po0ssible (To prevent deadly police interference) take the Seat Cover from inventory and stuff it over and around the basement window of the basement there.
*****  Smash the window using the crowbar from inventory.
*****  The old man enters the hole in the basement and is at last safe!
*****  Pick up the  Bolt Cutters from the ground where the old man has left it.
Return to the barrier but do not enter into the camp!
Barrier2nd visit
*****  Near the left side of the screen is a burnt tree - go west and look at it and the huge hole in the ground next to it.
*****  Tie the Rope from inventory onto the tree.
*****  Michael climbs down into the dirty water at the bottom of the pit.
*****  From the pile of hewn stones, take one Carved Stone.
*****  Examine the stone in inventory ................
*****  ...............  It is made of marble and has a lion's head engraved on it - "Of course!  The head of a lion above the flames".
*****  Climb back up the rope again.
*****  Return to the ruined church.
Ruined Church3rd visit
*****  Talk to Reverend Blake and exhaust ALL dialogues. 
*****  From inventory give the carved stone to Reverend Blake.
*****  He dashes out of the church in a frenzy dropping his special cross-shaped stick and leaving it behind him on the floor near to the stone cross.
*****  Grab the Pastor's Cross-Shaped Stick.
*****  Near to the Ruins of a Church is a metal subway sign bolted to the wall.  Try to dislodge it but it is too firmly attached to prise away with bare hands.
*****  Remove the subway sign using the crowbar from inventory.  In doing so however it breaks into two halves making a Broken Metal Sign!
*****  Leave the church and return to Misha's children.
Misha's children2nd visit
*****  Michael thanks them for their help in their 'mission' - getting their mother out of the way for a short time.
*****  They deserve a reward.
*****  In inventory combine the Elastic Band with the Cross-Shaped Stick to make a Slingshot (Catapult).
*****  From inventory give the Slingshot to the two very young brothers.
*****  They use the slingshot to accurately fire a rock at the soldier in the nearby tower who falls to the ground.
*****  S.O.S. to all the soldiers in the vicinity to go to the tower for emergency action.
*****  The children flee leaving the slingshot behind.  Michael collects it - it is dangerous evidence.
*****  Michael leaves the dangerous location and goes to the barrier again.
Barrier3rd visit
*****  The 3 soldiers are not there - they have been mobilized to check the watchtower.
*****  Go to the motorcycle.
*****  Open the saddlebag and steal the pair of rubber gloves.
*****  Leave the area and return to Suicide Park. 
Suicide Park 2nd visit
*****  Use the Bolt Cutters on the dense bushes etc. at the right hand side of the screen.
*****  Walk through the path you have cleared - i.e. go east!
*****  View the cut-scene.
Hospital Compound View1st visit
*****  You cannot access the hospital/clinic since it is protected by a high voltage electrified fence. You can however only obtain a 'View of the hospital compound'!
*****  Ditto with regard to a 'Storage depot with barrels.'
*****  Michael goes to the electrified fence and puts on the Rubber Gloves from inventory for safety before slashing the fence.
*****  There is a flat metal object nearby, just at the other side of the fence.
*****  The 'half-buried plate' turns out to be a trapdoor "which hasn't been used for a long time".
*****  Enter the passageway which leads into the hospital.
Hospital1st visit
*****  Go down a ladder.  To the right is a Dark Room.  Go through a door.
*****  Michael is on the rickety catwalk above the Main Hall of the hospital.
*****  View the horrific cut-scene  below - the dying and dead 'dissolved' patients being tended to as far as possible by doctors and medics!
*****  Carefully walk to the right (east) to the ventilation grate at the end.
*****  Pick up the Acid Jug (containing hydrofluoric acid).
*****  Remove the grate.
*****  Enter the vent hole.
*****  From a closet take a Black Bag(somewhat damp inside).
*****  Go through the door on the right into the locker room.
*****  Move to the extreme right and examine a locked glass case on the wall - it contains many types of medications.
*****  From inventory use the crowbar to smash the front of the glass case.
*****  Nurse Uma admonishes Michael.
*****  It turns out that she is the daughter of the old man whose life Michael saved earlier - he mentioned that he had a daughter working in the hospital. He said that she had left.
*****  Talk to Uma at length and exhaust ALL dialogues. Michael learns why she has not been allowed to leave.  The same is true for the other nurses and doctors!
*****  Turn the light on - Uma is VERY weak!
*****  From the shattered glass cabinet grab the oral Morphine.
*****  Open Uma's dilapidated desk drawer.
*****  Take the Small Keyfrom the drawer.
*****  Return left (west) through the door to the previous area.
*****  From inventory use the Small Key to open the metal closet.
*****  Remove a wooden crate and in it:-   a GPS device (without batteries); an ID for vehicles; and an official Report on the Cure  for the 'dissolved'.
*****  Back out of the hospital the way you entered.  Back to the left (west) through Suicide Park, the City and continue to the barrier (of the Camp!).
Barrier4th visit
***** A siren wails menacingly signifying a curfew.  All hell has broken loose!  The soldier from the watchtower was killed by being hit on the head with a rock.  Misha's two young boys are being held and a search is on for the weapon.
*****  Nobody is being allowed in or out of the camp. Michael is just outside and cannot enter.
*****  He must do SOMETHING before the crazy soldiers kill the children - after all, HE was actually responsible!
*****  Go to the hole in the ground and let yourself down using the rope that you left behind tied to the burnt tree - Remember the previous visit! to the hole in the ground.
*****  See a dark bundle in the dirty water at the bottom of the hole.
*****  OMG!!!  It's the dead body of Reverend Blake.  In his ecstasy he may have tripped on the rope Michael left behind, fallen down into the steep pit breaking his neck!
*****  From the pocket of the cadaver remove a damp moldy business card.
*****  Look at the business card in inventory - on it us a location called "Beechwood Oracle" and its address.
*****  Michael has a grotesque brainwave to save the lives of the 2 youngsters.
*****  From inventory place the Slingshoton the body. 
*****  Since the face of the pastor is VERY well known o everybody, he reluctantly steels himself an
pours the acid from the Acid Jug in inventory onto the face of the corpse disfiguring it - BUT not
enough to fully disguise it.
*****  From inventory use the Thick Jagged Piece of Glass to damage the reverend's face much more and finish the ghastly job!
*****  Michael looks at the "Totally disfigured face of reverend Blake" in horror.  But "You gotta do what you gotta do"!
*****  Climb out of the hole in the ground as before.
*****  Return to the barrier.
*****  Explain to the soldiers that the 'REAL killer' is the corpse in the hole in the ground and get them to release the two kids.
Woman Smoker4th visit
*****  Give the (unpleasant) woman the Morphine for her dying husband and receive a Wad of Cash together with more insults in return.
*****  She tries to bribe Michael to stay with her - but he politely refuses! the offer!
*****  Leave the woman and return to Rose.
Rose2nd visit
*****  Give the m Wad of Cash from inventory to the 2 unpleasant pimps.
*****  Enter the van and talk to Rose.
*****  She is a pathetic child-woman who is being used as a captive 'call girl'.
*****  Michael is trying to get Rose to tell him a secret that she knows about his past life before the "Great Wave" and his loss of memory.
*****  But she is pretty mentally disturbed and first wants him to find and bring her baby.
*****  Michael says to himself "The only problem is, I doubt this poor unbalanced girl has ever been a mother"!!
*****  Look at the dirty wrinkled page on the wall - "In her delirium, poor Rose thinks it's a photograph of her and her baby before the Great Wave".
*****  Open the tool box o0n the floor - probably left by some men,
*****  Take the Hand Dill and the Wire with Burnt out Lights.
*****  Talk to the two disgusting pimps and exhaust all topics of discussion about Rose.
*****  Leave the area and return to the trailer.
Room in Trailer4th visit
*****  Take the (very negative) Report on the Cure from inventory and show it to Don ...............
*****  ............... who screams and yells at him for destroying their hopes.
*****  Michael is not to blame but is only the 'messenger' of the bad tidings - but he leaves quietly.
*****  He throws Michael out of the 'house' and in his unfair fury tells him never to return.
"Hunter"3rd visit
*****  Knock on the door of Hunter's Bar.  Nobody answers or opens the door even though there are sounds of people inside.
*****  From inventory use the Hand Drill to drill a hole near the bottom of one of the drums and then discard the hand drill - you no longer have any use for it!
*****  A large quantity of liquid pours out of the hole in the drum making it very much lighter.
*****  Michael now lifts the light drum and paces it on top of another one.
*****  He stands on the two drums and can now easily reach the overhead electrical cable.
*****  Cut the power line using the Bolt Cutter from inventory and then climb down and hide leaving the bolt cutters on the ground.
*****  Lights out in the HQ - Hunter and henchmen exit - Michael 'appears' - he wants to talk to Hunter - they enter the bar.
*****  Michael has an unpleasant 'discussion' with Hunter - exhaust ALL dialogues.
*****  From the counter pick up a (nearly used up) sticky roll of Electrical Tape.
*****  In inventory examine the GPS - It needs batteries to work
*****  From inventory show Hunter the GPS.
*****  Tell Hunter that you need batteries.  He wants something in exchange - as always!
*****  From inventory give Hunter the  ID (Authorized vehicle pass) and tempt him with the description of the huge fuel depots at the hospital.
*****  Receive Batteries from Hunter in return.
*****  In inventory insert the Batteries into the GPS. - The GPS is now working fine.
 *****  As Michael starts to leave the bar, Hunter calls him back with a proposition of his own - Hunter wants Michael to photograph the huge fuel depot. Michael agrees on condition that Hunter agrees to 'arrange' that Michel can see Colin alone.  It's a deal!
*****  But Michael hasn't got a camera!
*****  Exits Hunter's bar into the open air where the GPS signal is strong,
*****  In inventory use the Business Card on the GPS.
*****  The GPS locates Beechwood Oracle and its address.
*****  Michael exclaims " The map shows me a place near downtown. Let's go have a look".
*****  Automatically leave the Refugee Camp and go downtown.
Act 3 - Oracles and Ashes
City Downtown1st visit
*****  Talk to the two soldiers and exhaust all dialogues - one is short and obese and VERY unpleasant, the other is taller and skinny and more amenable.
*****  Lift the tarp(tarpaulin) behind the two soldiers and the stray cats beneath it start meowing - The fat soldier hates cats!
*****  Take the Empty Tin Can which is on one of the trash cans behind the soldiers and examine it in inventory.
*****  Michael wants to access the rooftop since he has seen something interesting glittering there.
*****  To do that he needs to access the external emergency stairs of the building.
*****  He starts to enter the apartment building door to do this but the soldiers are watching it very intently and would probably pump him full of lead if he tried.
*****  However they allow him to enter the door on the left.
Beechwood Oracle Bookstore1st visit
*****  Look at the charred posters.  It has a picture of the Late Reverend Blake on it which explains the presence of the card in his pocket.
*****  It confirms that this was the Beechwood Oracle Bookstore.
*****  Look at the remains of various books.
*****  Take the four somewhat charred Wooden Boards.
*****  Notice the blocked emergency exit door (which should lead to the external staircases!).
*****  From inventory use the Crowbar. to prize open the blocked door.
*****  Go through the door and half way up the fire escape staircase.
*****  Michael tries to climb up the top set of fire escape emergency stairs but the fat soldier sees something moving up there and it's too dangerous to continue.
*****  Michael returns to the bookstore, and leaves by the main entrance/exit to the road.
*****  Leave the City Downtown and return to the City Centre.
City Centre3rd visit
*****  Go through the hole again into Suicide Park.
*****  Use the empty tin can to scoop up some smelly decomposing goldfish.  Michel now has a Can with Rotten Fish.
*****  Exit Suicide Park and return to the City Downtown.
City-Downtown2nd visit
*****  Dump the Can with rotten fish into one of the trash cans behind the soldiers.
*****  A cat comes out from the tarp and grabs the fish.  The fat soldier goes berserk and tries to catch the cat which escapes him.
*****  Examine in close-up the electrical panel in front of the soldiers.
*****  There are three dials with pointers controlling the electric current flowing through the three overhead hanging street lights - left, middle and right.  Each dial's pointer has four positions; North, west, south and east.  There is also a red control button which switches the settings on when determined.
***** Move the pointer of the left hand dial through the four positions observing the brightness of the left hand hanging street light.
*****  Do the same thing with the middle dial's pointer leaving it in the position where it causes maximum brightness in the middle hanging light.
*****  Ditto with the right hand pair.
*****  When you have all three dials causing maximum illumination from all three hanging lights, press the red button which causes FULL electric current to flow through all three lights simultaneously and overloads the circuit!  All three hanging lights overheat and burn out!
In my case, the requisite settings were:- From left to right... North; West; East.
However: TAKE CARE ..... It is quite likely(??) that the combination is governed by a randomizer and that each game will need a different permutation!!
*****  Now that there is less light and deep shadows, Michael can continue up the fire escape without the great danger of the soldiers sniping at him.
*****  As previously enter the burnt out Beecjhwood Oracle Bookstore, exit through the emergency door and climb half way up the fire escapes.
*****  Climb up to the roof of the building where there are the remains of a  statue and a pretty roof garden.
*****  Grab the empty Bucket.
*****  Go down to the stairwell below.
*****  Examine some very interesting and important details there!
*****  Take the Handwritten Note attached to one of the doors.
*****  Read Sara's Note in inventory.
*****  Who is Sarah and who is Chris?  What do the initials on the top of the notepaper signify, -T.n.T-.
*****  See the metal plaque (name-plate} fixed next to the door "Michael Argent, Photographer" - could that be HIM and the locked door to the apartment the entrance to his home??
*****  Go downstairs and out into the street.
***** Leave and go back to the camp, NO!!  The fat soldier shouts disparaging remarks to Michal and Michael answers him back - not once but twice.
*****  The two soldiers beat Michel up and knock him down - They then leave.
*****  Michael is not too seriously injured.  He picks himself up and looks at some of his blood on the ground nearby.
*****  He notices something in the blood . It is a small bit of one of his teeth.
*****  Michael picks up the Tooth Fragment - it will remind him of his encounter with the soldiers!!
*****  From close by he appropriates the Flashlight dropped by one of the soldiers - it has batteries and gives a good bright beam of light.
*****  Leave the City-Downtown and go back to the camp.
*****  Just before the barrier STOP but do not enter into the camp.!
*****  Near the left side of the screen return to the burnt tree - go west and again look at it and the huge hole in the ground next to it.
*****  Go to the huge hole *****  Go to the hole in the ground and let yourself down using the rope that you left behind tied to the burnt tree - Remember the previous visit! to the hole in the ground.
and let yourself down using the rope that you left behind tied to the burnt tree - Remember the previous visits to the hole in the ground.
*****  Use the Bucket from inventory and fill it with (dirty) water - now you have a Bucket of Water.
*****  Leave the huge hole in the ground, enter the camp and go to the trailer yard.
Trailer Yard3rd visit
*****  Various items have been thrown onto the bonfire there including some clothes, books, toys etc. belonging to little Colin - very sad!
*****  From inventory extinguish the bonfire by pouring the water from the Bucket of Water on it - dispense with the (rusty) bucket since you no longer need it.
*****  Take the Burnt Doll.
*****  Leave and go to "Rose".
Rose3rd visit
*****  From inventory give Rose the Burnt Doll.
*****  She is delighted.  Poor demented Rose thinks it is her baby son - but she needs a cradle to rock him.
*****  Combine the (four) Wooden Boards with the (crude) Wooden Crate (using a hammer) and use up the Rusty Nails from inventory.  You have made a Wooden Crate with Legs (a very primitive crib).
*****  Give the Wooden Crate with Legs (a 'crib') from inventory to Rose, but she is disappointed since it won't rock.
*****  Attach the Broken Metal Sign to the Wooden Crate with Legs in inventory (using up the Electrical Tape) and obtain a Cradle.
*****  Give the Cradle from inventory to Rose.
***** Rose is overjoyed and as promised gives Michael "The Key that opens your chest of dreams!".
*****  She desperately wants to get away and implores Michael to help her... He is her "Knight in shining armour".  He can't see a way, but he'll try!
*****  Leave Rose and return again to the City Downtown.
City-Downtown3rd visit
*****  Enter the door to the right (near mid-screen), and go up to the stair well.
*****  From inventory, insert the Key into the wooden door;
*****  Enter Michael's apartment.
Apartment1st visit
*****  Open the work closet - it is empty except for ONE item ...............
*****  ................ Grab the Instant Camera. There is a problem though - it has NO film!
*****  On the table in the middle of the room is a music box - play it and hear a nice tune ...............
*****  ............... There is a single photograph - that of Michael and his wife Emily.  It brings back memories... WHERE  ARE  YOU ?  HOW  CAN  I  FIND  YOU ?"  EMILY!
*****  Look at the left side of the room.  There is a file-cabinet with nine compartments marked with the letters of the alphabet.
*****  Click on any one of the nine boxes and it opens.
*****  Click on any one of the tabs and the appropriate newspapers pops up and Michael mentions its name plus some opinions.
*****  Click on that newspaper and then look at and check it in inventory - it has the 'correct' name.  It is of no significant importance and Michael doesn't want to burden himself carrying around with him!
*****  Now go to any different box and repeat the process - before the 'new' newspaper pops up. the previous one is replaced and so there is only one (correctly) named newspaper in inventory at any time.
*****  You can repeat this more if you like!
*****  Only ONE 'performance' is of ANY practical use to proceed with the game - so perform it ............
*****  ............... Access the box entitled S - U.
*****  Click on the tag which brings up the specific newspaper named
*****  Take different newspapers and look at them in inventory.  Look at one after replacing the previous one.
*****  One newspaper in particular interests Michael.  It is the newspaper entitled -T.n.T-?
*****  Remove that Newspaper, keep it, examine it in inventory - it contains some important information!
*****  -T.n.T- is the title of a newspaper and stands for "The new Truth".  The larding article was written by Chris Blunstone.  And the address of the newspaper is written on the newspaper.
*****  Place the Newspaperon the GPS in inventory.
*****  As experienced before the GPS is too weak to function properly indoors, so leave the room and go outside.
*****  Michael automatically leaves his room and goes down to the street.
*****  With the help of the GPS Michael finds his way to the office of the Newspaper building.
Act 3 - Old and New Truths
Newspaper Office1st visit
*****  Michael meets up with Chris Blunstone who is apparently a very close and trusted friend of his from before the cataclysm.
*****  Talk to Chris and exhaust ALL dialogues.  Michael learns a lot of details about his past and before he lost his memory - this includes information about Sarah and Emily.
*****  He is given a mission from Chris who is immobilized...  To go into the Sewers and meet Sarah there and find out the situation!
*****  Chris gives Michael a Sewer System Map to guide him towards where Sarah should be.
*****  Leave the Newspaper Building and return again to the City Centre.
City Centre4th  visit
*****  From inventory, use the Crowbar to prise up the manhole.
*****  Michael enters the manhole, but it's too dark to see ANYTHING down there and so he backs out again.
*****  Use the Flashlight from inventory in the sewer.
*****  Now Michael enters the sewer and he has light.
Sewers1st visit
*****  In the sewer's 'entrance' are some interesting items but nothing of immediate importance.
*****  Walk to the right (west).
*****  There is a huge round grating at the right side of the sewer.  Caught up in it is a waste heap, a tangled mass of rubbish.
*****  Michael pokes around in this 'pile of partially disentangled waste'.
*****  There is something down there - But it's too snarled up to get to it with bare hands.
*****  Use the Crowbarfrom inventory to separate it somewhat.
*****  There is something caught up in it -  OMG .......  IT'S  SARAH'S  BODY!!!
*****  Take the Flash Drive (USB Stick) that Sarah was clutching so tightly in her hand before she was murdered.
*****  Leave the sewers (From the manhole where you entered walk left as far as you can go and you are in the City's Main Roads.  There are TWO exits there - take the one near the left of the screen and NOT the bottom!) and return to Chris at the newspaper office.
Newspaper Office2nd visit
*****  Try to open Chris's trunk - Impossible, it's locked.
*****  Talk to Chris and exhaust ALL dialogues.
*****  From inventory give Chris the Flash Drive.
*****  Chris is terribly excited.  He opens his trunk and takes out his laptop computer - but it has NO batteries and there are no  electric outlets working!  He asks Michael to bring him a generator.
*****  When he asks about Sarah you have TWO possible replies - although the objective practical outcome is the same:- 
EITHER... Michael pretends that she will return some time - he can't bear to tell him the bitter truth and cause him anguish!
OR... He makes a clean breast of it and Michael tells him that Sarah is dead!
*****  Chris has left his trunk opened ...............
*****  ............... Michael goes to the open trunk and finds Film.
*****  In inventory combine the Instant Camera with the Instant Camera Filmcreating an Instant Camera with a Broken Film Compartment.
*****  Then use the Tooth Fragment with the Instant Camera with a Broken Film Compartment creating an Loaded Instant Camera.
*****  Exit the Newspaper Building and go back into Suicide Park and then further right to the VIEW of the Hospital Compound.
 Hospital Compound View2nd visit
*****  Photograph the view of the Hospital Compound using the Loaded Instant Camera from inventory - NO GOOD... the photo comes out too dark despite the camera's flash!
*****  Proceed to the right (west) and again  go to the Dark Room at the entrance to the 'Back Door' of the Hospital, (SEE....... 'Hospital Compound View' and 'Hospital' - both (' 1st View ' ).
*****  Can't see ANYTHING in there - it's totally dark!
*****  Use your Loaded Instant Camera from inventory on the Dark Room and see a Control Panel with a red button on it.
*****  Press the red button and hear that the electricity is now flowing again.
*****  Fairly quickly return to the 'view of the Hospital compound'.
***** Once again photograph the view of the Hospital Compound using the Loaded Instant Camera from inventory - EXCELLENT now... the Photo of Fuel Depot comes out clear and bright since the flash is now recharged!
*****  Leave the Hospital and the City and return to Hunter's Bar in the Refugee Camp.
"Hunter"4th visit
*****  From inventory give Hunter the Photo of Fuel Depot.  In exchange Hunter promises to arrange things so that Rod and his wife leave the caravan for a while so that Michael can talk to Colin alone.
*****  Leave Hunter's Bar and automatically return to the Trailer Yard just as an ambulance is driving there.
Trailer Yard4th visit
*****  The ambulance is now parked outside the trailer with its siren blaring and nurses about to take Colin away.  Rod is screaming and pleading with them to let him stay.
*****  Go round the side of the ambulance to the window of the trailer.
*****  Hoping that the siren will drown out the sound, smash the trailer's thick glass window using the Crowbar from inventory.
*****  Enter Rod's room.
Rod's Room in Trailer2nd visit
*****  From the cookie box remove the Revolver. It is loaded with two bullets, being intended for Rod and his wife if their 'future' i.e. Colin did not survive the dystopian world.
*****  Talk to Colin and exhaust ALL dialogues.
*****  Exit Rod's room.
*****  Look one last time into Rod's room and see Colin 'Dissolving' - Ugh!!!
*****  Leave the trailer and return to Rose.
Rose4th visit
*****  Talk to Rose - she is desperately unhappy but Michael cannot help her without interfering with Hunter causing drastic repercussions!
*****  Give Rose the Revolver from inventory.
*****  Rose shows a previously unknown attitude of determination - and ACTS!!
*****  Michael wants to take the generator to Chris but it has been damaged and water is penetrating it and causing more problems.
*****  Michael has a recurring vision... Rose uses the revolver to shoot and kill the two pimps (thugs) who have been imprisoning and ill  treating her.
***** Look at the card table outside the camper where the criminals were sitting.  There are a few coins on the card table ...............
*****  ...............  Grab the Coins.
*****  Leave Rose and the camper and go back into Michael's apartment.
Apartment2nd visit
***** There is a large photography  backdrop screwed tightly to one of the walls in the apartment.
*****  Remove the backdrop - You can't without ripping it!
*****  From inventory use the  Coins to unscrew the Photography Backdrop.
*****  Return yet again to Rose and the camper.
Rose5th visit
*****  Examine the condition of the generator - it is damaged and totally useless.  Rose's shots have punctured the water-tang and the water has flooded the generator.
*****  Whilst still in the vision sequence, wrap the generator round with the Photography Backdrop from inventory to waterproof it - It is not sufficient since it only covers half of the generator ..............
*****  Whilst still in the vision sequence, wrap the generator round with the Seat Cover from inventory to waterproof it.  Good:  It's now fully protected!
*****  Pick up the Generator.
Newspaper Office3rd visit
*****  Give Chris the generator from inventory.
***** He is overjoyed and connects up the generator, laptop computer, and flash drive and gets to work unearthing the TRUTH!
*****  Michael is exhausted and falls asleep in the old beat-up armchair until Chris wakes him up.
*****  Chris is excited and voluble.  He outlines and explains to Michael the amazing knowledge revealed in Sarah's flash drive report and they carry out a detailed dialogue - manly Michal asking questions about the stunning revelations and Chris answering whatever he has learned!
The main clarifications are on the subjects of ...............
...............  the "Great Wave"., the "Dissolved", and the ALL IMPORTANT meaning and explanation of the "DEAD  SYNCHRONICITY  POINT" and its vital influence on "TIME" in our universe.
~~~~~~~ ~~~ There is even an unconfirmed possibility of reversing the horrible state of this dystopian world and returning to the previous "normality" of our universe?!?
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