Indie Developer Deaf Bird Entertainment Wants to Put A Little Less Desperation in Your Life
Indie Developer Deaf Bird Entertainment Wants to Put A Little Less Desperation in Your Life
Here we have an epic point-and-click space adventure comedy featuring a vegetable farmer named Jacob and some unusual aliens
Posted: 05/12/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Deaf Bird Entertainment | Platform: Mac, Windows

As Jacob is on a trip of self-discovery in the woods, a UFO containing one small alien crashes nearby. Jacob befriends the little critter and together they repair an interstellar emergency call transmitter and send for help. Instead, they get a bounty huntress who whisks them off into space. Hence begins an odyssey across the galaxy for Jacob the farmer.

As you may be able to tell, A Little Less Desperation has a funny -- and often absurd -- storyline, complete with odd situations, surprising twists and quirky characters. It also has a nasty villian in the form of a mighty, evil robot whose plans become endangered by Jacob.

A few words from Deaf Bird concerning finding the game's hero:

Unfortunately nobody applied for the role of the hero... Just when we were about to scrap the project, we met Jacob. Actually he more sort of ambled in off the street to sell us some of his homegrown organic vegetables. He didn't stand a chance against our smooth talking agents & we soon talked him into taking on the role of the space hero. I guess we have since had to stretch the meaning of space hero a bit in Jacob's case but in the end, he didn't screw up as badly as we thought he would.

A Little Less Desperation will be released on Windows and Mac (and possibly Android and iOS) at a date TBD.

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