Unforeseen Incidents Teaser, Screens, Info
Unforeseen Incidents Teaser, Screens, Info
A classic point-and-click adventure mystery from indie developer Backwoods Entertainment
Posted: 12/09/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Backwoods Entertainment | Platform: Android, Ios

In an apocalyptic scenario, a majority of the human race has been killed by a deadly virus. Survivor Harvey Pendrell receives a radio signal asking him to warn Yelltown’s survivors that "they are coming."

He embarks on a journey full of mysteries, inexplicable questions and terrifying revelations. He finds himself in the middle of an adventure that affects the future of the entire human race.

Harvey will explore plenty of intriguing locations and meet many interesting characters. He will also uncover dark conspiratorial secrets behind the catastrophe that threatens to exterminate humankind.

Unforeseen Incidents is a humorous -- yes, humorous -- mystery point-and-click adventure with hand-painted 2D graphics. It's being developed for Android, iOS, Mac and PC. Indie developer Backwoods Entertainment plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the game in 2015.

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