INFRA - Teaser, Sneak Peek Video, Screens, Info
INFRA - Teaser, Sneak Peek Video, Screens, Info
An adventure exploration game in which the mundane becomes a fight for survival
Posted: 01/16/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Loiste Interactive | Platform: Windows

INFRA Videos, Screens - July 29, 2014

Those most overlooked are often the most important.

INFRA puts you in the shoes of a simple structural analyst; nothing more than a quiet desk jockey assigned to survey some routine structural damage. Your mission, however, turns from a mundane trek into a fight for survival.

Your tools are simple: the camera around your neck and the wits to navigate a virtual labyrinth of debris. How you tell your story is your choice. Will you have the commitment to finish your duty, or will you ignore all else but the preservation of your own life?

INFRA is what developer Loiste Interactive likes to call a gun-free exploration game. Instead of large explosions and powerful guns, you will rely on your cunning to survive puzzles in an incredibly detailed world. As you travel through the infrastructure of a city you will find that your actions and thorough observations ultimately determine if others will survive.


~Solve varying mechanical and electrical puzzles
~Explore highly detailed maps with multiple routes and hidden secrets
~Visit dozens of unique locations, each with their distinctive gameplay
~Travel by foot, car, metro and other vehicles
~Avoid hazards and survive in the crumbling world
~Save the city from total disaster

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