The PlayStation 4 is Here
The PlayStation 4 is Here
The PlayStation 4 is here, are you ready?
Posted: 11/15/13 | Category: | Developer: Sony | Platform: Playstation 4
Sony’s PlayStation 4 is now here in North America. Last night, huddled together in one snaking line, hundreds of thousands of gamers waited patiently to get their hands on midnight copies, while the saner and genuinely patient types picked theirs up today. The PlayStation 4 represents Sony’s fourth entry to the console battlefield, joining the Wii U in the eight generation of consoles.
Now you can’t sell a new console without games, and the PlayStation 4 launched with more than 20 titles to choose from, but is at this time lacking any real launch exclusives. Killzone: Shadow Fall, a first-person shooter and Knack, an action-platformer,are the only exclusives from the 20-plus list of launch titles, with the rest ones you’ll see at the Xbox One’s release next week on November 22. It was expected that Driveclub would be available as another exclusive at launch, luring in racing fans, but last month the title was sadly shuffled to a 2014 release. Luckily, not every piece of news is salt on a wound: a PlayStation 3 exclusive will be making a sequel appearance on the PlayStation 4 – Uncharted 4. No release date was set, but there is a teaser:

What does the PlayStation 4 have over its main competition, the Xbox One? Sony was able to put the console out first, and pricing it at $399, cheaper than Microsoft’s console.  The new controller for the PlayStation 4 will feature a clickable touch pad as well to push it ahead in technical controller hardware over the Xbox One’s. But remember that a console without games isn’t going to sell: the Xbox one is looking to launch with five to PlayStation 4’s two. Xbox One customers will get Forza Motorsport 5, a racing simulator, Ryse: Son of Rome, a third-person action game, Dead Rising 3, another third-person action game, this time with zombies, Killer Instinct, a classic fighter returning to the next generation, and Crimson Dragon, a rail shooter.

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 share a bevy of popular games however, like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts to name a few. It’s these types of players that are looking to see what console will benefit them the most rather than the exclusives offered.  Both consoles offer live broadcasting/streaming, and social media interaction, but PlayStation 4 doesn’t have voice-control, and both consoles are not backwards-compatible to play the previous generation of games. On top of that, we had reported that the consoles will also be lacking 3-D Blu-ray capability until further notice.

Either way, right now there are countless players unboxing their brand-spanking new PlayStation 4 console and enjoying its shiny warmth and sharp features. Next week, though, the Xbox One arrives and then the Console Wars will start again (cue dramatic music). 

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