NoseBound Episode 1: Screens and Info
NoseBound Episode 1: Screens and Info
A point-and-click, episodic mystery adventure for PC and Mac from indie developer Buenos Aires Quarantine Studios, with a look and style inspired by Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, the movie Double Indemnity and other noir classics
Posted: 09/03/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Buenos Aires Quarantine Studios | Platform: Windows, Mac

In the initial chapters of NoseBound, you play as the character Ray Hammond, a private eye with a gritty past and unorthodox methods to pull off his job. The story takes you back and forth from the end to the very beginning. Players find out what happened, how it happened, and live the story.

The phone rings, you equip yourself with the basic detective gear and off to your office you go. You start the investigation, interrogate some contacts and snoop around, following clues. As soon as you poke your nose in deep enough, the big troubles begin. Troubles you confront with your wits or your guns.

You also play alternate characters: George Smithers A.K.A. Smithy, Hammond's friend who has disappeared under strange circumstances, and Mrs. Kovacks, la femme fatale -- the staple of all tales noir.

Key Features
~Melee Combat
~Pick-up Items
~Black & white Filters, Film noise, Scratches
 ~Dialogs with options
~Adult content (low violence, adult language, slight nudity)
~Puzzle mechanisms
~Toggle between characters with special abilities
~Locks to pick, windows to break, other obstacles to overcome
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